Interviews & Stories

If you're still around and want to find out even more about me, I have some interviews and stories I did for various websites.
Thanks to all who gave me the opportunity to tell the world more about who I am and what I do.
Whytake - The Global Community of Nature Photographers features the best collection of nature images everywhere. I'm not kidding. Go take a look. Alister Benn, Rafael Rojas, Juanli Sun and Anca Minican did a great job with this.
Lucky Compiler has been created with the aim of capturing the stories of those creative minds, who have dedicated endless hours in honing their skills and in the process received adulations and accolades for their artistic explorations.
Photographers of Planet Earth is about asking different photographers same questions & the really cool part: all photographers must choose one of their shots and explain why it is their favorite/ best/ most interesting shot.

A short story I wrote for Whytake's section called A Day in the Field. Most of my images are made in solitude. It's in times like these I can live simply, quietly and focus on making images. Writing is fun and I hope to be better at it someday.
Oitzarisme belongs to Constantin Nimigean, a super chill-out dude who searches day in, day out for contemporary photographic projects, mainly documentary. He then shares all the gems he collects with the world. This is truly inspirational, if you ask me.
LNH Nature and Landscape Photography is an online magazine from Spain. Lots of great content, lots of inspiration. They published a short article called The Sense of Wonder about the importance of being curious.

It's been a while since I did this one and I realise many things have change since then. I grew up (just a little bit), I slowly changed my style, I've improved my writing (not so sure about that) and met a lot of cool people along the way. The interview's in Romanian.
A nice interview in Romanian where I talk about nature's energy, exigency, favorite places, a usual day at the office, choices and the photo tours I do. You'll find out that I fly kites and that accidents can lead to happy encounters.
There might be more, but that's all I can think of now.

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