Project PI - August, 2014 - Dorin Bofan | Stories of Nature

What is it about

* As our project ended, you can read the whole story in On the Road section.

The goals of our project are to circle around Iceland by bicycles and, in the process, to document our adventure with photographs, a video and written stories.

We’ll be staying with the tent for the whole six weeks period, between August 5th and September 16th, 2014.

We’ll be pedaling for about 2.000 km before completing our journey.

π (pi) stands for “Pedal Iceland”.

Who we are

We’re Dorin Bofan and Aura Popa. People know us as avid nature travelers always seeking to inspire along the way.

Dorin is a professional photographer specializing in the field of nature and landscape photography. He co-authored the book “Why Photography?” and he organizes nature photo tours all across Europe. You can see his works on this website.

Aura works as an order management team leader and currently specializes in the study of clouds. She has travelled extensively and she’s an experienced bike rider. You’ll always find her in good spirits and practicing the art of laughter daily.

* You can check out the video from the trip on the right. It pretty much sums up our adventure.

Where we're going

Iceland is located at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. It has the most remote places in Europe and it is known for its striking natural beauty.

We’ll be pedaling on the Ring Road that runs around the island and has a total length of 1.332 km. Along the way, we’ll take detours to visit important natural locations that will add up to about 2.000 km.

One of our main challenges on this trip will be the weather, which can be fierce at times with strong winds and plenty of rain and snow.

Why we're doing this

• To inspire people to go in their own adventures.

• To get people go out in nature more.

• To get people use the bicycle as transportation in cities.

• To bring awareness about climate change along with our partners, WWF-Romania.

• To send a positive message about Romania.

• To tell stories that need to be told.

• To find answers that only a trip like this will bring.

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