Do we need everything?

Being six weeks on the road means we'll be carrying a lot of stuff with us. But backpacking and hiking into the mountains for over 10 years have taught us a few things about the simple living. And more than that, it educated us in having a fun life with as little as possible.

We don't own cars and houses, but we do give a great importance to our equipment on the road. Almost all of the stuff you see below was bought exclusively from our own pocket by working from the low-paid jobs to the corporate ones. And with a close eye on clearances.

The list is more like a rough guideline for whoever wants to go on their own cycling adventure and for us to make sure we pack everything.

Remember that you don't need to surround yourself with stuff in order to be happy. Except for what's below.





• Hardshell jacket and pants

• Softshell jacket and pants

• Down jacket

• Fleece sweater

• Baselayers - short, long, under

• Socks

• Beanie and buff

• Cycling short pants

• Gloves

• Hiking shoes

• Overshoes - from SealSkinz

• Sewing kit

• Tent

• Sleeping bag and mat

• Pillow

• Stove and cooking pot

• Tableware and sponge

• Hygiene essentials

• Towel

• Headtorch

• First aid kit

• Penknife

• Matches

• Duct tape

• Bikes - adapted hardtails

• Bike racks - from Axiom

• Panniers - from Ortlieb

• Spare tubes and patches

• Multi-tool and pump

• Spare chain and lubricant

• Various tools and spare parts

• Helmet

• Sunglasses and sunscreen

• Water bottle

• Lock

• Map

• Camera body

• Lenses

• Tripod and tripod head

• Spare batteries and charger

• A bunch of memory cards

• Filters and a remote control

• A GoPro Hero

• Laptop and charger

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