Sponsors and partners

A big thank you to our sponsors and partners for borrowing us equipment, for making our project known and for providing the money to buy the last pieces on the kit list and food over the course of the trip. We promise we won't go to any fancy restaurants.

Friends everywhere

When we told people about biking through Iceland, the support we got afterwards was amazing. So we'd like to mention a few of the girls and guys who make it happen for us:

Doru Oprișan and Laurențiu Pavel are two of our best friends and although they don't know yet, they will help us with the logistics part of this trip.

Zsolt Kiss helped us with images from Iceland. He's moving to Norway soon where he'll be leading photo tours. Brave dude.

Aurel Manea has lost count of the visits in Iceland. His insights about the place are second to none.

Claudiu Bogdan has given Dorin a set of strong tyres for the trip. He'll make sure to wear them out properly.

• Radu Spătăcean and Gigi Szilagyi gave us a lot of advice and support when preparing for the trip.

Ana Neacșa and Erik Zollner helped us with money and advice that will be put to a good effort in that harsh environment that awaits us.

Ștefan Huțu is another photographer who helped us greatly.

Cosmin Ionescu helped Dorin on several occasions, including, along with Zsolt, with the priceless camping cards we'll be using in Iceland.

Oana Korda gave us the honour of meeting Georgiana, a brave girl and a huge inspiration.

Cătălin Păduraru is the master mind behind Bike Geek, the service that makes sure our rides are smooth.

Cristina Țintă has more networking and ideas than anyone we know. If you need something photography related, she's the one to call.

• Alina Marin from F64 has a positive energy like no other.

• Ovidiu Lazăr put us in contact with one of our sponsors.

Ghiță Popa gave us a big piece of "slănină" like the ones the polar explorers were eating. No more problems with the lack of energy.

• Radu Diaconescu is cycling on the journey of his lifetime. An amazing human being and a great inspiration.

• Alina Ene is the first Romanian girl to do a long solo cycling tour. She has all of our respect.

• Tania Drăguțan put us in contact with Georgiana Pogonaru, the Honorary Consul of Iceland. We might as well move there.

• Corina Sima is a great friend that helped us live this dream.

• Oana and Çağrı are constantly watching our progress since we had this idea. Their support and advice came in hand on many occasions.

• If we forgot somebody, just give us a call and we'll fix it. You're so many and we're so grateful for your support.

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